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Get a Room!

We’ve got this online meeting thing down pat!

Let us take care of all the technical bits for you.

So just like our friend Thomas, you can sit back, and focus on looking good.

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Now be a good scroller and take a look at some of the fun you can have in your next Vai online meeting.

Dress for Success

Did you see that naked guy?

Seriously though, put some clothes on at least from the waist up.
We’re not stylists or anything, although we can recommend wearing solid colors. Think of yourself as the news anchor – sharp, in control, and looking awesome!


Shut the flock up!

Yabba, Yabba. Too many people talking!

And someone’s dog is barking like crazy. It’s your meeting, so get control of it by cutting out the unwanted noise. Hit the switch to mute everyone.

It’s just the way we get together these days!

Vai allows you to meet, collaborate, and share with your team – anytime, anywhere, from any device.

Start or attend secure Vai meetings with your team from the comfort of your couch. With both desktop and mobile options, Vai will help you stay connected and collaborate with meeting attendees. Share your screen and greet your team, church attendees, students, or friends with our crystal-clear audio and high-definition video. Stream to a live audience, teach a class, and interact with attendees with the click of a button.

I’ll show you mine – if you show me yours!

Yip, we just said that, and we mean it. With Vai online meetings and multi-user sharing, everyone stays engaged by connecting face-to-face. Upload your presentations, or share your screen. Present anything – documents, spreadsheets, applications, or whatever is on your screen. The best part? Anyone in the meeting can screen share, making meetings more streamlined and successful.

Record your meetings and webinars for easy sharing.

We all forget things, so we’ve made it easy for you – record your online Vai meeting sessions and we’ll save it away safely in your account for you.

Record your meetings or webinars ahead of time for on-demand access, chat with participants, or host sub-rooms to break into smaller sessions. Our webinar capabilities allow you to expand your reach with on-demand recordings and keep your audience engaged with group chats, Q&A, and attendee analytics. By recording your meetings, participants will have access to pertinent information anytime of day or night.

Easy to find and easy to use, Vai puts you in control of your meetings.

We’ve kept the main controls out in front, and we also have some cool tools tucked out of the way but not hard to find. You can “shut the flock up” by Muting Everyone, or jut mute one person. Change your video display settings, put your hand up, share a screen and more.

See who’s doing all the talking.

Some people like to talk right? And it’s not until you take a look under the hood that you can see who has had the most to say – and Vai let’s you do just that.

You can see how long each person has been talking, giving you an idea of input from your colleagues or students as an example. With this information you can start to tailor your meetings and presentation to engage more interaction and participation.

Put your hand up.

It’s just the polite thing to do.

There’s so much talking going on, so get your group to hit the buzzer when they want to talk. Then you can be the boss and pick who gets to speak. Thomas maybe? Haven’t heard enough of that French accent have you!

Here at Vai Vu we’re committed to keeping business, education, and community together.

It’s been tough lately for everyone, so we’ll help you create a virtual experience to collaborate real-time and keep your business and community viable.

And we’d like to see you laughing a bit too!

  • Integrated video conferencing

  • Distance learning

  • Remote meetings

  • Virtual sermons

  • Marketing events

  • File-sharing

  • Cross-platform messaging

  • And kick-ass training sessions!

Be kind to your mouse.

Share your screen but leave your mouse alone.

There seriously is nothing worse than someone doing a demo or presentation and they’ve got a totally out of control mouse. Go easy on that poor thing! You’ll lose people’s attention pretty quickly if you’re making them dizzy.

Vai Vu is developed on the most secure video conferencing and business communications platform available.

It’s no joke – we mean it!

Added bonus or an essential feature?

We will never share your personal information or data.

And we’ll never share your business information. This is your business after all.

Get together and share the love with Vai.

Our video conferences are protected with enterprise-level security, so your safe with us. And, we’ve got ample capacity for your large and small meetings.

Pssst! What you do and say in your meeting is your business.

We will never share your personal information or data.

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Switch a light on.

Backlighting – nope – that’s not gonna work.

Get the light in front of you on. If you look at yourself and it looks like you’re sat alone in a dark room being creepy, then that’s how everyone else is going to see you. So, as we said earlier, put some clothes on, look sharp and put the light on in front of you. Now you’re looking awesome!

Well done Scroller!

You’ve shown some real commitment to get here. Hope you’ve had fun.
You’ll have way more using Vai Vu for all your online meetings.

Now get outa here!

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