Promoting open and effective lines of communication when working remotely.

Learning how to communicate effectively with remote teams is one of the biggest challenges facing organizations. With more people working remotely from home than ever before, we must learn how to stay connected and adapt to the dynamic situations that come with remote work.

It’s no secret that an open line of communication is the key to success in personal and professional relationships. However, the tried and true tactics we are accustomed to no longer fly when teams are scattered all over the place. According to statistics, just 17 percent of U.S. employees worked remotely before the pandemic. That number quickly increased to 44 percent as the virus swept the nation, with experts predicting 25 to 20 percent of the workers will continue to work from home deep into 2021.

To keep your team motivated, supported, and set up for success, leaders must leverage the right technology for working remotely and build a culture around strong line of communication. This can be challenging for those who rely on face-to-face interactions to collaborate. The good news? We’re all in this together, and there are plenty of incredible resources to help promote effective communication lines and engage your remote team.

6 Tips for communicating effectively on a Remote Team.

Here are some of the tips to help you Manage a High-Performing Virtual Team that are working remotely:

  • Be adaptable. – If we’ve learned anything since we started working remotely in 2020, it’s that we need to be able to pivot and adapt to any situation. When it comes to communication with your remote team, it’s essential to recognize that we are all human, and everyone communicated differently.
  • Lead with empathy. – Many organizations and workers are new to telecommunicating. Be mindful that there may be a learning curve and show compassion for everyone on your team during these challenging times.
  • Keep everyone involved. – Depending on your team, it can be challenging to make everyone a priority. However, this is one of the most critical aspects of ensuring open line of communication. Take time for everyone and make sure you are all on the same page.
  • Proactively check-in with your team. – Building off the above point, it’s imperative for leaders to check-in with their team. Using Vai’s intuitive video conferencing solutions, you can set up group meetings or individual rooms to touch base with remote workers.
  • Use the right technology for your needs. – There are tons of management tools out there to help you track tasks, set clear deadlines, and communicate your expectations.
  • Create a supportive online company culture. – Organizations that embrace the future of work and understand that remote work isn’t going anywhere have a greater chance of success. Talking to your team, asking how they feel, and laying the groundwork by openly communicating from the get-go is crucial.

Remote Team Communication is the foundation of working remotely. Period. While in-person meetings, classes, and gatherings may be a thing of the past, there are tons of different solutions to prevent working from home from feeling too overwhelming. Need help connecting with your team and making the transition to remote work a seamless one? We can help! Check out our video conferencing solutions and other technologies aimed to support remote workers in the next normal.