Remote Learning and Video Conferencing.

If you would’ve told teachers and educators a year ago that they’d soon become video conferencing wizards and remote learning heroes,  no one would’ve believed you. Yet, here we are one year into the pandemic, and remote learning has become a mainstay for all ages. Before the pandemic, many had only used video conferencing for meetings, and the occasional catch-up with friends and family spread across the country and globe.

Today, everyone – and we mean EVERYONE – has had some experience with video conferencing. In fact, you could say video conferencing tools are one of the main reasons education prevailed amid the pandemic. It’s true things haven’t been easy, and online learning certainly comes with its fair share of challenges (video fatigue is REAL, guys), but let’s look at the bright side. Not only do video conferencing services like Vai give educators the ability to stay connected to their classroom, but it opens the door to exciting new opportunities for collaboration and remote learning.

Top Uses of Video Conferencing for Educators.

In an educational setting, video conferencing can be both intimidating and eye-opening. It gives teachers the ability to guide the learning process from afar and design classes, pods, and other remote learning opportunities more intentionally. Those who embrace technology and leverage tools like video are embarking on a unique journey that will forever change the education industry.

Here’s a look at some of the most innovative, forward-thinking uses of video conferencing for teachers and other educators for remote learning:

  • Opportunities for small groups and focused instruction – Video conferencing platforms like Vai give educators the chance to connect with learners in smaller group settings. By structuring small group sessions, teachers can encourage engagement and create a safe environment that promotes individual and cohesive remote learning.
  • Allows for expert classroom speakers and motivators – Video conferencing can also enhance the new virtual classroom experience by bringing in expert guest speakers and lecturers. This wasn’t really possible for most classrooms pre-pandemic due to scheduling and monetary restrictions.
  • One-on-one conferencing with students and parents. – Now that everything is done online, educators can more easily meet with students about their goals, any questions, or concerns, and provide them with personalized support. It’s easy to set up an online calendar where students can sign up for a quick meeting, which also applies to parents. Wondering how your child is doing or if there are ways you could support them at home? Meet with their teacher over video and learn how you can help them succeed.

Hosting a video conferencing classroom can be intimidating, especially when working with younger kiddos. However, there are so many incredible resources today designed to lift educators and support students as we all adapt to this new way of living, working, and learning. To find out more about how Vai’s video conferencing services can support your growth mission on remote learning, contact a team member today.