Starting your Career with a Remote Job.

Starting a new job of any kind typically stirs up many emotions – anxiety, excitement, nerves, and anticipation come to mind. But does the same apply if it is remote job? You bet! Workers have done an excellent job adjusting to remote work during the pandemic, but those starting an entirely new career have faced more challenges. Some of the biggest hurdles to overcome are connecting with your new co-workers and getting to know the company’s inner workings.

Usually, this is done in person, and you can get a feel for the company culture, expectations, and team dynamics. But when it is a fully remote job, this isn’t so easy. Luckily, there are many excellent collaboration tools out there today that help foster connection and camaraderie, including video conferencing.

If you’ve accepted a remote job (congratulations!) and we hope the below tips will help you embark on this new journey successfully:

  • Give yourself extra time to prepare for online meetings. Regardless of the job or industry, chances are your first week at your new job will be full of virtual introductions and meetings. To avoid unnecessary stress, give yourself extra time to prepare. It may even be in your best
  • Familiarize yourself with any new technology. Let’s say, for example, your new employer uses Vai’s online meetings platform (good choice!) To ensure you are showing up and representing yourself well, take some time to get to know the platform and make sure you understand how the various features and settings work.
  • Build connections with your team. This may be a bit more challenging for a job that is 100% remote, but it can be done! We all became accustomed to virtual happy hours and online meetings at the height of the pandemic, so this shouldn’t be completely new territory. Use your company’s preferred communication software to reach out and communicate with your teammates. A simple hello can go a long way in making you feel like part of the team!

The pandemic completely changed the trajectory of the workforce, accelerating remote job and forcing companies to innovate and adopt technologies that support virtual workers. And while many had a difficult time adjusting, others have embraced the new hybrid workforce.

The biggest takeaways?

Remote job is here to stay, and with it, collaboration tools like online meetings, virtual onboarding, VoIP phone systems, cloud-based fax, and other leading technologies. Whether you are starting a new job that is entirely remote or you have the option to telecommute, it’s crucial you have a good grasp of what the future of work entails and what this means for you. Questions about any of Vai’s products? Contact one of our knowledgeable team members to learn about our plans and features!