Cloud-Based Faxing.

Remote work is here to stay, pandemic or not. As we continue to adjust to the hybrid workforce, business leaders are looking for solutions to help teams communicate and stay connected. An unlikely hero? Fax. No, we aren’t talking about the old-fashioned fax machines from the 80s, but online, cloud-based faxing. While many have thought that fax was a dying technology rather, the opposite is true. Millions of documents, contracts, and other pages are faxed every day, often using computer-based fax services.

Why is there a resurgence of faxing? For one, faxing is far more secure than email, cost-effective, and easier to use.

What is Cloud-Based Faxing?

Before we look at the re-emergence of faxing and how enterprises benefit from online services, let’s go back to the basics. If you are wondering what the heck cloud-based faxing really is, you’re not alone! Also referred to as internet faxing, online faxing, and email-based faxing, faxing over the cloud transmits data digitally rather than through physical fax machines. As long as you have an internet connection, computer or tablet, and an account with an online faxing provider like Vai, you can fax from anywhere.

Faxing Isn’t Dead! Why Businesses are Moving to Cloud-Based Faxing.

According to a recent report from IDG, many companies are embracing virtual fax services to increase security and reduce costs. By harnessing the digital fax cloud model, enterprises are streamlining internal operations and overall business continuity. Here’s a look at some of the additional reasons why more businesses are moving to cloud-based faxing:

  • Saves money.
  • Improved fax security.

  • Scalability, as fax allows all remote employees to securely send documents from anywhere.

  • Simplifies the fax process by eliminating the need for fax infrastructure.

  • Improves reliability.

  • Helps with auditing, electronic tracking of documents, and the overall organization of documents.

  • Improves employee productivity.

Are you interested in jumping on the virtual fax bandwagon? SIP trunk providers typically offer improved online fax services and can support your ability to both send and receive faxes. To see what your options are and get started today, contact Vai and ask about our plans! We are here to help you not just survive, but thrive, in the modern workplace, and that includes embracing cloud-based faxing.