Best VoIP Service – A Beginner’s Guide.

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) has been getting a lot of love lately, thanks to the shift to remote work and the need to stay connected to teams spread across the globe. If you weren’t familiar with VoIP before the pandemic, understand it is a revolutionary technology that has completely changed how we communicate.

Sometimes referred to as internet telephony, IP telephony, or broadband phone, VoIP is an excellent tool that saves money, improves the quality of calls, and gives you options. Seems easy enough, right? For those unfamiliar with this concept, integrating a new communication system of any kind can be intimidating.

Good news! Today we are going to provide a beginner’s guide to getting started with VoIP. If you have any questions about the best VoIP service for small businesses, give Vai a call and let us help!

What Equipment Do I Need?

Although VoIP has received a lot of attention since the explosion of high-speed internet, it is not a new concept. If you recall, VoIP works by converting a person’s voice into data packets that can then travel across the internet. How? Through whichever VoIP phone system you have in place. There are three categories of VoIP callers:

  • ATA (Analog Telephone Adaptor).
  • IP Phones.
  • Computer-to-computer.

For an in-depth refresher on these different VoIP calling systems, reference our previous blog. It is important to note that the additional equipment you may need will depend on which method you use. For example, if you go the IP phone route, you will need a specialized phone plugged directly into your computer.

How Does It Work? 

Typically, these phones come with all the hardware and software you’ll need to connect to the internet and get started. The best VoIP service for you will depend on your specific needs, which our team is happy to help you figure out! Our VoIP calling plans are hosted on the cloud and feature the Vai Switchboard that includes features like:

  • Virtual receptionist.
  • Call queues.
  • Call recording.
  • Music on hold.
  • Voicemail to email.
  • Simultaneous ring.

Regardless of which system you use, when you make a call using VoIP, the data is converted into a digital signal that travels through a broadband connection. Easy, efficient, and affordable. It’s a win-win!

So, beginners, all you need is a good data plan and the best VoIP service provider to get started. To find out more about the best VoIP service for your business or to learn more about the different plans and features offered through Vai, give us a call. Thanks to VoIP’s flexibility and affordability, the future is bright, and now’s the time to get on board.