Working remotely has become increasingly common around the world, with both employers and staff understanding the need to work flexibly as well as the advantages of getting the best VoIP benefits.

Particularly with the recent COVID-19 crisis, many organizations have been forced to work remotely, with real difficulties if you don’t have a good communications system ready. Whether you are a large organization or a start-up, a good small business phone system is essential.

At Vaitel, our VoIP (voice-over-internet protocol) service allows you to keep in contact with customers and internal staff in a cost-effective and reliable way, with many more benefits for any organization.

If you’re considering making the switch, with many low-cost plans and pricing options available from Vaitel, here are some of our best VoIP benefits for remote workers.

With no need to worry about troublesome technology, we can offer the simplest SIP trunk solution (Session Initiation Protocol) out there and demonstrate here that it’s the best choice for keeping your teams working efficiently, wherever they are.

Easy Management.

The workforce is changing, there’s no doubt about it. Nowadays, there are many types of work available to freelancers, contractors, and employees looking for a flexible schedule. The 9-to-5 work schedule may be a thing of the past, which is why it’s important to adapt or get left behind.

The rigid work schedule many of us are accustomed to was stemmed from old technology, which required desktop computers and landline phones for employees based in an office. Now, with more organizations utilizing laptops, conference calling, work mobile phones, and the idea of “hotdesking,” it’s easier now to work anywhere you like.

Fortunately, through cloud technology and using the best VoIP to host your phone and video calls online, all you need is an internet connection to keep in contact anywhere in the world. Plus, with our Cloud PBX features, you can benefit from a virtual receptionist, call queuing, music on hold, and much more.

Reliable Technology.

VoIP systems allow a manager or your team’s IT specialist to maintain control over a company network and host software or any file storage through the cloud.

By utilizing the cloud, it removes any reliance on flash drives and external storage, as work can be shared with colleagues exclusively online. This creates less risk and more reliable technology since everything is safely stored.

Greater Security.

Rather than leaving notepads lying around offices or carrying laptops and tablets on a commute, with the risk of theft, emails and sensitive data can instead be stored online or discussed during your business VoIP calls.

Thanks to no hassle SIP trunk solution, it keeps information confidential between colleagues and clients with a more reliable record for important work and projects.

Happy, Productive Staff.

Staff morale is very important, and when you allow employees to work flexibly, they will be happier and tend to be more productive. With the ability to clock in and out of work, take doctor’s appointments, or work from home rather than calling in sick, working hours become more focused.

Some studies have even indicated working from home could increase productivity by as much as 30%. That’s worthwhile for any organization.

More Recruitment Opportunities.

By integrating business VoIP calling and encouraging a remote workforce, employers can attract the best talent and candidates across the country, or anywhere in the world. You’ll no longer be reliant on local candidates coming in for job interviews when the best candidates can be reached, hired, and can work remotely. This creates more diversity and different perspectives within your organization, which can be incredibly valuable both for company culture and in driving business growth.

On the other side of the coin, qualified candidates could benefit from a greater pool of opportunities and are no longer bound by where they are based. It’s a win-win

Cheaper and More Efficient Calls.

Mitigating the problems arising from bad phone service and hefty bills, a VoIP service is much cheaper and far more efficient than its old-fashioned counterpart.

Even traditionally-orientated businesses are seeing how much more effective business VoIP calling is for any company, and how it works hand-in-hand with an increasingly mobile workforce. Whatever the nature of your business, it’s a natural and inevitable switch and doesn’t need to change how you work.


Good organizations invest a lot of money in office equipment, IT technology, phone bills, stationery, office food and drink, and not to mention travel expenses and other benefits worked into some employee packages. Office rent can also be very costly!

By encouraging your teams to work remotely, both you and your staff will save money. Of course, depending on your organization, there may still be a working head office or HQ.

However, by implementing even some of these changes or encouraging non-essential staff to work remotely, you’ll still save money. And for small business VoIP, the difference is very much worthwhile.

More Teamwork.

Many office workers are based in a central location but rarely venture out from behind their desks to speak to colleagues. Sadly, hared environments often create more exclusivity rather than foster collaboration and teamwork.

By working remotely and encouraging team video meetings and catch up sessions via a business VoIP’s voice and video services, you could actually experience more team interaction than you’d see in a regular office. There is also the flexibility of bringing team members together from anywhere, so it’s no longer reliant on having everyone in the same building.

Monitoring Work.

An old, outdated stigma with allowing staff to work remotely may have come from being unable to monitor them. The assumption is that people will work hard in the office, but not at home. This simply isn’t true!

Alongside the flexibility afforded by working remotely, which many staff appreciate there are software tools (some integrated into your VoIP) that allow you to monitor employees from remotely. When used alongside the internal catch-up business VoIP calls we encourage, it’s easy to keep in touch with your workforce.

Transparency at Work.

Another bonus to transitioning to remote work is that there is greater transparency for staff. Managers can truly assess the work their team is doing and see how productive they are.

Vaitel’s VoIP system allows managers to see when a team member is “available” or “away” with the Busy Lamp Field (BLF). This ensures managers are fully aware of all work and hours being logged. We believe teams should be rewarded for great work, and the business VoIP system helps facilitate this effectively for both employers and staff.