Remote team management became vital in 2020. While many companies and business leaders had experience hiring and working with remote employees before the pandemic, for the vast majority, this was new territory. Because of how quickly things accelerated with COVID-19, leaders were forced to pivot and make quick decisions to save their business and support employees during these unprecedented times. Thanks to innovative collaboration tools like VoIP phone systems and virtual meeting platforms, the transition to remote work (and living) was more streamlined than many thought.

Once companies adjusted to this new way of working, they were able to see the many wonderful benefits of telecommuting. However, some challenges come with this new way of working. From coordinating meetings with remote team members in different time zones to ensuring employees feel supported and connected, managing a virtual team requires dedication and a willingness to think outside the box.

5 things leaders should keep in mind when building a remote team.

  • Invest in the right collaboration tools. The number one thing ALL businesses with remote employees must do is utilize technology and software that is designed to help your team perform at the highest level. From video conferencing to VoIP calling, there are numerous effective communication tools out there for businesses.
  • Make sure your infrastructure is secure and reliable. Regardless of what industry you work in, ensuring a secure and well-equipped infrastructure is another must. Consider a file-sharing software to improve collaboration and help everyone on your team stay connected.
  • Don’t forget about onboarding and training. One mistake many leaders make when managing remote teams is neglecting to onboard and train workers. Make your company goals clear and consider a quarterly virtual training session to keep everyone on the same page.
  • Make your expectations clear. One of the biggest advantages of hiring remote workers is the flexibility this allows, but it is important you set expectations when bringing on new team members. If you want to make sure they deliver quality work, be clear about what you expect from them right from the get-go.
  • Use video as much as possible. Yes, we all got burnt out on video conferencing at the height of the pandemic, but this shouldn’t overshadow the power of video. Since you don’t get to interact with people in the office every day when telecommuting, it’s important to rely on video to foster connection and collaboration.

If you would’ve told us 30 years ago that hiring a remote team would be the norm, most wouldn’t have believed you. But look at where we are today! We hope the above tips will help you manage and build a successful remote team, as the hybrid workforce IS the future of work. Curious about Vai’s online meeting plans or VoIP calling features? Reach out to one of our knowledgeable team members today to get started.