We are living in unprecedented times right now as COVID-19 continues to make a global impact. Over the last several weeks, organizations all over the world have had to transition to remote work and adapt to this new reality. With this, we’ve seen a rise in video conferencing. Not only are businesses relying on video conferencing platforms to stay connected with employees and meet ‘face-to-face’, but schools, churches, and many other organizations have also had to pivot and find new ways to teach and preach.

Whether you are a school teacher educating students from your kitchen, a major corporation maintaining business continuity from home, or a church leader bringing your congregation together with words, video conferencing has allowed us to stay connected to our community during this time of isolation. While many modern businesses have used video conferencing to grow and globalize, others are finding themselves in uncharted territory right now. At Vai Vu, it is our goal to help you stay connected safely and securely as we adapt to being apart, but working together.

Video conferencing is an excellent way to check-in and communicate with others, both one-on-one and as a larger group. Here are three ways Vai Vu can help you stay connected, promote continuity, and maintain some semblance of normalcy within your community:

3 Ways video conferencing is helping to stay connected

  • No travel necessary – One of the benefits of using Vai Vu for your professional or personal needs is that you don’t have to travel. Right now, many of us are under stay at home orders, so travel is out of the question anyway. Video conferencing has changed how people communicate, allowing businesses, school teachers, and church leaders to engage an audience online.

  • Anytime, anywhere – Yet another bonus is that a meeting can take place anytime, anywhere. No longer are we confined to specific working hours or times deemed appropriate for church services. Host a live meeting, or record your presentation so participants can access it on-demand, whenever it fits into their schedule.

  • Increased communication and reliability – Video conferencing is a fast and secure way to communicate with your team, students, congregation, family members, friends, or anyone else in your circle. It has become vital during these times of remote work and isolation, giving us the means to connect face-to-face.

We’re all in this together and Vai Vu is here to help. Video conferencing has forever changed the way we connect with one another and has become a necessity in today’s remote lifestyle. Sign up for free today and see what all the hype is about.