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Cloud-based Business Telecomm­­uni­cations

Vaitel delivers next-generation telecommunications applications your business can count on through smart cloud architecture and high-value features.

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Work from anywhere and stay connected with our cloud-based video conferencing, Business VoIP and Cloud PBX, Virtual fax, and toll-free calling services.

Vaitel, the home of cloud-based business telecommunications

Who we are.

Vaitel is a leading cloud business telecom company serving businesses of all sizes across the U.S. With the workforce and world going remote, now’s the time to embrace services that support your mission.

Why Cloud Telecommunications?

Moving to cloud telecommunications creates new opportunities designed to help you lead and innovate in the cloud economy. Safely stay connected and collaborate with your team, customers and suppliers wherever you are with our Business VoIP phone and online meetings. Get more customers with Toll Free inbound calling, and never buy another fax machine again with fax to email.

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